Camping Tips For Beginners

Camping tips for beginners

Are you thinking of going camping for the first time this year? Camping makes holidays more affordable (allowing you to go on more!), and gives you flexibility on where you stay. It is also a great way to make amazing memories with friends and family.

Red Deer Village Holiday Park is a great site for campers – especially for beginners – if it’s your first time camping, or if you prefer having some home comforts. Our dedicated camping areas are of the highest standards, being based on flat ground, and our on-site facilities are modern, clean and well maintained.

As we move into better, drier weather, now is a fantastic time to book a camping trip. If you’ve never camped before, make sure you take a look at our top tips below for beginners camping!

What Kind Of Tent Should I Get?

As a beginner, it can be overwhelming deciding what kind of tent to choose. There are lots of different kinds, for different purposes. Ask yourself what kind of camping you are planning on doing more of. Are you planning on making 1 or 2 day excursions a regular thing, will you always stay on campsites with facilities, or do you plan on taking on some rural camping?

You want to make sure that you’re choosing a tent with enough room for people and luggage. A 3 man tent will fit 3 people, for example. This will leave little room for storing luggage, changing, or giving you somewhere to relax when weather is poor. If you do have a car this might not be an issue.

What Kind Of Bedding Will I Need?

The fun and excitement of camping will disappear fairly quickly if you find yourself shivering in the night. You want to make sure that you are geared up for a comfortable and warm sleep.

The type of bedding you’ll need will vary, depending on what you find comfortable. However, it’s always better to have the right bedding, and extra, with you just in case it’s colder than you thought, or if the ground is rougher that you’d expected.

You’ll firstly need to choose a sturdy sleeping bag. Your decision will largely be based on the season you plan on camping most in, as the levels of temperature ratings differ from bag to bag. For extra comfort, you might choose to pick up a mat or air bed and travel pillow.

What Other Equipment Will I Need?

As well as getting the right tent and a good night’s sleep, there are a few other pieces of equipment you’ll need. Make sure to purchase quality items – but don’t spend too much, or waste money on gadgets you’ll never use. You’ll figure out what it is you need after your first couple of trips.

Some of the things you’ll need are:

  • Gas cooker
  • Pan
  • Plastic plates/cutlery
  • Lighting
  • First aid kit

There are also a few things you can bring along that will make your trip that bit more comfortable.

This includes:

  • Flip flops for showers
  • Picnic rug with waterproof bottom
  • Fold out table/chairs
  • Wet wipes


Finally, before you go make sure that you are prepared! Do you know how to set up your tent? Do you have all the items you need?

If this is your first time camping, you might want to choose a campsite not far from large shops – this way if you find you have forgotten anything you can easily pick up it up.

It’s a good idea to practise setting up your tent. Not only will you feel more confident putting it up when you reach the campsite, but it’s also an opportunity to check you have all the parts you need. Making a checklist will also help to keep everything organised, and pack in last what you’ll need out first.

Make sure you set off for your campsite in good time. You’ll feel better knowing you’ve plenty of time just in case you get lost, or want to stop off on the way. It will also ensure  that you arrive in daylight, giving you enough time to set up camp. Furthermore, it’s always better to book your campsite beforehand, but if not make sure you arrive in plenty time to find a spot!


You’ll find details about Red Deer Village Holiday Park facilities and rates here on our website. However, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for further information, or advice. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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