Carbon Literacy – Red Deer’s Environmental Initiatives

Carbon Literacy

Recently, several members of the Red Deer Village Holiday team took part in Climate Emergency Training course for Scotland’s Tourism. This course was part of the Carbon Literacy Project, delivered by Keep Scotland Beautiful. It discussed how to reduce our carbon footprint as individuals and businesses. Scotland’s plan is to reduce its emissions of greenhouse gases to net zero by 2045. This means that the amount of emissions put out by man-made activities is counterbalanced by environmental factors that can absorb these gases, such as carbon dioxide. This will prevent global warming and as a result, prevent disruption to our planet. As part of the course, our team had to pledge individual and business actions. Some of these are listed below.

Electric Vehicle Points

Our first business idea was to implement electric vehicle points. We’re starting off small, with points for staff and fleet use. Although, depending on popularity of the idea we’re happy to continue. Electric vehicles do not produce gases or smoke and run on a clean energy source. This is the first step in reducing our carbon footprint. Our team have now started their research into implementing!

Discount for Active Travellers

Our next step in our carbon literacy mission is to encourage our guests to participate. One person or business on its own can’t make a huge difference, but by spreading the word, we hope to make a bigger impact. That’s why we’re now offering a 2% discount for self-catering accommodation and 5% discount on camping and touring for those who can prove they have travelled actively.

Anyone that attempts to travel to the park in a way that can cut out emissions and can prove this will receive the discount on their stay (up to 1 week). This can mean you cycle, walk or use public transport. Proof would simply be your train or bus ticket, your bike or your lack of vehicle! We can’t wait to see how people get creative with this great offer. We also hope to inspire others to participate in active travelling no matter where they go.

Recycling Reinforcement

The next idea our team had was to encourage our guests to recycle correctly. This not only stops our team having to separate our rubbish bins, but also reduces greenhouse gas emissions by reducing energy usage. Using recycled materials to make new products prevents the necessity for mining new materials, cutting out gas emissions. This helps to reduce everybody’s carbon footprint all round!

Our idea is to offer our long term self-catering guests (10 days or longer), £5 cash back per week when their bins are correctly separated. Black is for general rubbish, blue is for paper and cardboard, brown is for food and green is plastic and glass. Just let us know you’ve done it so our maintenance team can double check. Then, you’ll receive £5 towards your next week’s stay. Or, if you’re leaving, we’ll add £5 to your security deposit refund. All of these little things we hope will add up to make a big difference!

If you have any other ideas on how we can improve our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint under the “Carbon Literacy Project”, please let us know! Or, if you are simply interested in booking a stay at our holiday park in Glasgow, please contact us here, or call us on 0141 779 4159.