Preparing for a Camping Trip

camping trip

The idea of buying a tent and travelling to wherever takes your fancy would appeal to many. Get back out into nature and enjoy a new type of holiday experience in the great outdoors. A camping trip allows you to explore the best of what Scotland has to offer, with holiday parks like Red Deer Village at frequent intervals. If you’ve never camped before, take a look below at some of our top tips to help you prepare and enjoy your tent trip.

Camping trip tips

1 – Pack tubs and Boxes

When packing food for your trip, it’s a great idea to bring food bags and plastic storage containers. This will stop your food from going bad and will not attract wildlife.

Another tip is to store food in a cool box, to keep items fresh and cold. You could even freeze food before you put it in a cool box, to keep items colder for longer.

2 – The importance of sleep

When sleeping in a tent, your main priorities are to be warm and comfortable. Don’t just sleep on the floor – make sure there is a padded surface, as this will keep you warmer than laying on the ground. It’s a good idea to bring plenty of extra blankets, and to buy a good sleeping bag.

3 – Get Everyone to help out

If you’re camping as a family, get everyone involved. Kids can get bored standing on the sidelines, so involve them by giving them jobs to do. It will allow them to have fun and feel important with their new found responsibility. Plus, you’ll have some extra hands too!

4 – Practise first!

Practice setting up your tent at home before you set off. Following the instructions is always helpful, as well as double checking before you leave that you’ve packed all your equipment!

5 – Charge your electronics

If you’re out in the wilderness, there are no plug sockets. Make sure devices are fully charged and that power banks are brought as a backup, so you don’t have to worry about losing contact with the outside world. Unless, of course, you want to… camping is about getting back in touch with nature after all. We’d recommend bringing plenty of board games, books, and activities that don’t need electricity!

Camping Trip at Red Deer Village

Our tent pitches at Red Deer will be reopening this summer, and we can’t wait to welcome everyone back! Our holiday park on the outskirts of Glasgow is the ideal base from which to explore the North Lanarkshire area and beauty spots including Loch Lomond, Edinburgh, Falkirk and Stirling. We have excellent facilities, including a well maintained amenities block, laundrette, picnic benches and BBQ pits. The site has a secure gated entrance and free WiFi site wide.

To learn more tips for your camping trip, there’s plenty of information available online – we highly recommend checking out the Outdoor Adventure Network. If you’re looking to camp near Glasgow, please contact us to book or find out more.