Relax with Slow Travel

Slow Travel

Here at Red Deer Village Holiday Park, we’ve loved nothing more than inviting all of our wonderful guests back to our camping and caravan site this past year. After making the difficult decision to close in 2020 due to restrictions, having the hustle and bustle of this summer was a wonderful feeling. It seems everyone needed a Scottish summer holiday!

As winter peaks just around the corner, with the orange leaves crunching beneath our feet, it can be difficult to appreciate all that is around us. Far too often we spend the summer longing for cosy winter nights and when the cosy winter nights come around, we spend far too long wishing for blissful sunny days.

To encourage you to appreciate your surroundings, no matter what the season, we’ve teamed up with VisitScotland to explore the benefits of slow travel.

What is slow travel?

Slow travel is, well, exactly what it says on the tin. It’s about taking a break from the usual holiday itineraries that we often make for ourselves when taking time out of the nine to five grind. Instead of trying to fit in as much as humanly possible during your time off work, slow travelling encourages you to chuck all your plans out of the window and take each moment as it comes.

Where you might usually have a strict schedule of must-see and do things, slow travel allows you to pace yourself, maybe spend all of your time in one space – or perhaps just do nothing at all.

How can I slow down at Red Deer Holiday Park? 

We’re big campaigners for anything that will have our guests spending time in the Scottish outdoors. Situated in Stepps, we’re only about five miles to the North-East of Glasgow. While the bright lights of the city can draw you in, you’ll be surprised at what you find by staying local.

Stepps offers many local restaurants and pubs where you can enjoy some welcome Scottish seafood or some Scotch whisky. If you fancy some outdoor exploring, North Lanarkshire boats a wide range of cultural and visitor attractions.

If you plan on staying within the park for the duration of your stay, our holiday home and touring park have been awarded a 5-star rating by the Scottish Tourist Board. We’re also surrounded by green spaces and wonderful views, all for your enjoyment.


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