David Bellamy Gold Conservation Award

David Bellamy Gold Award

Red Deer Village celebrates latest David Bellamy Gold Award from prestigious park industry body.

Highest accolade has now been awarded to holiday park and retirement development for three years running.

David Bellamy Gold Award

Red Deer Village Holiday Park is celebrating its latest BH&HPA Gold Award. (British Holiday & Home Parks Association). The Association runs a conservation awards and support scheme for parks, working alongside famous TV botanist and conservationist, David Bellamy. The five-star park at Stepps has picked up many Silver Awards over the past few years. They have now won the Gold Award for the third year running.

The scheme encourages parks to have a mix of wild and cultivated areas. This improves habitat for butterflies, bees, insects and other types of wildlife.

Other David Bellamy Achievements

The park has already been praised for being “bee-friendly”. They have  previously received an award for incorporating a number of wild hedgerow areas into its landscaping. Red Deer Village have also now been given special recognition for its areas of wild flowers in 2018. These sit alongside other more refined areas with landscaped gardens and planting.


“We are delighted to once again pick up the Gold Medal for the park in this fantastic and well-respected scheme,” said Ivan Hendry, co-owner of Red Deer Village. “David Bellamy believes you can live or holiday at a park which is both attractive to look at and which contributes towards biodiversity. It’s helping to maintain that all important habitat which can be under constant threat through development. We have a full-time team of in-house gardeners and landscapers who work year-round with us. We’re close to Frankfield Loch and are so fortunate to be based in such a beautiful area.”

“We are all delighted that this year our areas of wild flowers have been particularly complimented,” he said. “They are so important for attracting butterflies and bees.”


BH&HPA’s Janette commented on Red Deer Village’s gold medal win.  “Red Deer Village is the perfect example of a functional, well designed park. It is also truly beautiful to look at and has biodiversity and good eco management at its heart. Furthermore, the time and effort it puts into its landscaping is to be congratulated. I am sure this makes it even more attractive to holidaymakers staying here, knowing that their surroundings are contributing to maintaining our fragile eco system,” she said.

David Bellamy Gold Award