Frankfield Loch is made up of kettle ponds which were formed thousands of years ago and have filled with water during the years since. Today, the scenic marshland provides visitors with a peaceful setting to walk the dog and take in the natural environment.

Rich with wildlife

There are a variety of habitats for the abundant wildlife including, wetland, marshland and forested areas. In the spring, the area is carpeted with colourful wildflower meadows, which is home to a variety of flora, fauna and insects.

The area is popular with bird watchers, who flock to the area to photograph native and migrating species. These include warblers, little grebe, coot, mute swans and greenshank. Sometimes deer and foxes can be seen at dawn and dusk.

Scenic walks

The walk around the loch takes approximately 45 minutes and there are numerous walks through ancient woodland, that take you slightly further afield. There’s a small hill, which offers excellent views of the local area, that can be reached via the walk around the loch’s circumference.

Seven Lochs Wetland Park

Frankfield Loch forms part of the Seven Lochs Wetland Park – Scotland’s largest urban heritage and nature park. It is roughly 16 square kilometres in size and has nearly 50km of foot and cycle paths to explore.

The team of park rangers host a variety of events throughout the year, which aim to engage people with wildlife. These include educational sessions, fun activities and community events such as litter picks.

We highly recommend taking some time to visit Frankfield Loch during your holiday. There are plenty of scenic places to enjoy just a short drive away including Edinburgh, Stirling and Loch Lomond.