Explore Visit Scotland’s UNESCO Trail

Visit Scotland's UNESCO Trail

Here at Red Deer Village Holiday Park, we’re not short of beautiful places nearby for our guests to visit. We’re located five miles to the North-East of Glasgow, only 21 miles from Stirling and 48 miles from Edinburgh. So, there is a whole array of activities for our guests to explore without having to venture too far from the comforts of our accommodation.

VisitScotland has recently teamed up with UNESCO to launch the world’s first digital UNESCO Trail. This connects all the Scottish locations recognised by UNESCO. These include six World Heritage Sites, three Creative Cities, two Biosphere Reserves and, two Global Geoparks.

We’ve teamed up with VisitScotland to give you a Red Deer Village Holiday Park guide on how you can explore parts (or all!) of the UNESCO Trail while staying with us.

Where to start on Scotland’s UNESCO trail?

Well, of course, you’ll start from our site, but where should you head to first on your UNESCO Trail tour? Glasgow, of course! This is Scotland’s largest city, and we might be biased, but we think it’s also the best.

Glasgow was awarded a UNESCO Creative City title in 2008 for its burgeoning music scene. There are more intimate venues like King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut or large venues such as the enormous Hydro. Regardless, you’re guaranteed to find some sort of gig going on in the city, whichever day or night you choose to visit.

Music aside, Glasgow is also famous for its world-class visitor attractions. Plus, glorious architecture, public parks, nightlife and delightful food and drink offerings. This makes it the perfect place to spend the day. The city is surprisingly easy to navigate, despite its large size. If you don’t fancy exploring the city on foot, there are other options. Why not try the City Sightseeing Bus Tour or hopping on and off the infamous Subway (the fourth oldest underground metro system in the world!).

Discover New Lanark

If you’re looking for somewhere else to tick off your UNESCO bucket list, New Lanark is situated about 26 miles from Red Deer Village. The award-winning New Lanark Visitor Attraction is one of six World Heritage Sites in Scotland. The site brings to life the story of this purpose-built 18th-century cotton mill village, which the River Clyde powered.

Take a step into the past on your visit and learn about the homes designed for the mill’s workers, the world’s first-ever kindergarten and the industrial changes in Europe.

Take a journey through time at the Antonine Wall

The Antonine Wall was built by the Roman military and is known as the Roman Empire’s northernmost frontier. Running across the Central Belt of Scotland, this UNESCO Designation is just a stone’s throw from us. It makes it the perfect place to visit for the day!

The wall boasts replica distance slabs, sculptures and Roman themes play parks. This offers a more creative and less academic way of learning about the wall if you’re travelling with wee ones.

To find out more about the UNESCO Trail and what it means for Scotland, head over to the VisitScotland site for more detail.