In order to receive your full security deposit back, it’s important to leave the accommodation clean and tidy. Don’t break anything and ensure to report anything that has been broken. Homes left in an unacceptable condition may result in a cleaning charge, no security deposit refund or additional fees for damages and mess. Cleaning charges start from £25.00 and are based on the level of mess left behind but can range up to and including the entire security deposit. None of our housekeeping staff should have to work in extremely dirty conditions!

Top tips to ensure a security deposit refund:

  • Bring back key
  • Leave no food behind in fridges, freezers, ovens, microwaves or cupboards
  • Put all rubbish in bin and empty bin
  • Wash all used dishes, cutlery, glasses etc, dry them and put away again. Any dirty dishes or dishes left in bowls of water will result in an immediate deduction to deposit refund
  • Do not smoke in homes
  • Do not leave crumbs/food on tables/sideboards/oven/microwave/fridge/freezer
  • Excessively greasy/dirty ovens/microwaves will result in deposit deduction
  • Damaged or stained furniture/furnishings/interior or exterior contents or general park damages will result in deduction to security deposit and potentially additional fees